Virtual Shack Tours

Generally these meetings are Thursday evening. Watch and Facebook for the meeting details

Hey all, would you like to see how others have set up their shack?

See what kind of gear they use to enjoy the hobby – what interests them – find out what they like, and what they might still have a couple issues with?

Well, this is what our PARK Radio Shack tours are all about.
Since we’re all “homebound” for the foreseeable future, we’re doing this via “technoooollllooogyyyy” because we’re hams and this is what we do. We’re suing Zoom. It’s also a way we can get to know each other a little better until we can hang out at meetings and service events again.

We are looking for more than an audience- we are looking for VOLUNTEERS willing to invite fellow club members into your Radio Shack. All you need is a cell phone (do you have one of those?) and some WiFi in the house, or even one of those fancy “unlimited” cellular plans will make it work without WiFi.

You connect to the zoom meeting with your cell phone.
Use the selfie camera to say hello.
Tap the screen to switch the camera around to the back camera
and then point the camera at what you’re talking about.

This is the one time waving the camera around pointing at all kinds of stuff is the correct thing to do.
Listen to people’s questions. Provide some answers.
If you have questions of the audience, ask them- they may have a solution for you.

When you’re done, tap the screen to swap the camera back around to you.

That’s it.

We’ll set up the Zoom, and after you tap a few numbers into your phone, you’ll be connected.

No business stuff. No roll call. No cookies or donuts. Just sharing some time together.

Are you in?

– note, if you don’t have an unlimited plan, and don’t have wifi, we don’t want to eat up all your data, so if you don’t have WiFi or an unlimited cell plan then it’s probably best you don’t give a Radio Shack tour –

Anthony Burokas
General Class Ham (KB3DVS)
Moderator: DFW Radio Operators list — DFW-RO
Member: Plano Amateur Radio Klub –
20-year video producer —