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What:  ARRL Field Day is the largest HAM radio event in North America

When:  June 25-26.  We go on the air 1:00pm Saturday and run for 24 hours.

Where:  Russell Creek Park in Plano

We again will be running a 5A station which translates into more radio time available for everyone.  Whether you are an “old timer”, a new HAM, or just curious about HAM radio, plan on coming out, having some fun, and making a few QSOs.

You can stay up-to-date on Field Day communications by signing up for the Yahoo Group “PARKFieldDay”.


Jay  WB5K


Urge Congress to Support the Amateur Radio Parity Act

Help secure the right of Amateur Radio operators to erect an outdoor antenna at our residences.

Amateur radio operators provide communications support for, and participate in public service events on behalf of our communities. During and in the aftermath of disasters and emergencies, when other forms of communications are unavailable, we provide communications for first responders and Federal, state and local governmental agencies and non-governmental agencies, and to our neighbors when communications systems are overloaded or fail. Radio Amateurs contribute to the future of telecommunications as we participate in the development of innovative technology in this digital age. Amateur Radio is non-commercial, and we provide our services at no charge to anyone.

We cannot do any of these things, however, unless we can erect an outdoor antenna at our residences.

Congress is currently considering the "Amateur Radio Parity Act" to protect the rights of Radio Amateurs. Please take action below and urge your U.S. Representative to support this important legislation.  Please clink on the link below to show your support.


The results are in and we faired rather well.  We had a total of 4,852 points.  Here is where we ranked:

281 out of the total 2,720 submitting entries
10 out of the total of 177 submitting entries in West Gulf Section
9 out of the entire total of 99 5A stations nationwide
1st 5A station in NTX

Thanks to all who help organize and operate at the event.





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