Club Auction

PARK has an annual club auction where club members can clear out unused ham radio related items. Remember, you gotta be here to get the deals.

There will be three sets of tables where you can:

A – Donate it to the club.
The club auctions it. The proceeds benefit the club. Everything needs your call sign on it, because of no one bids, you still take it home.

B – Keep ownership. Put a starting price on the item. Let the club auction it. If it sells, 10% of the sale price goes to the club. If it does not sell, you take it home.

C- Put it on a free table to be available to any interested ham to take put it back into use. A box of tubes, spool of wire, antenna pieces, radio interfaces, etc. This can be snapped up at any time so come early to get a shot at all the freebees.

Because we had SO much gear come in last year,
1 — We will be prioritizing what we auction – which means picking and choosing, not everything may be called for auction.
2 — Label ALL ITEMS with your call sign. If it doesn’t sell, you take it back home with you. 
3 — Only ham-related gear please, not computers, not audio gear, not racks, etc.
4 — Let our VP know know if you have a noteworthy item you will bring to the auction so we can publicize it. That helps draw bidders.

5 — Anything not auctioned or given away is open to a person-to-person sale at the end of the night.

Remember — ANY item you bring that does not sell, or freebee not taken, you must take it home.