K5PRK History

Bill Newland – WB5ETZ and Dick Sander – K5QY

How PARK was started – Dick Sander – K5QY
Bill Newland and I got together and decided to form a radio club in Plano. April 7th, 1973.
I had a callbook to search for Plano HAMs. On the air I had worked Bill Swan – K5MWC – so he was the first one I contacted with the idea.
From my callbook: Jack Freeman – WA5EDK, Harry Johnson – WA5YCM, and Ed Lawrence were contacted. Also, Bill Niles – K5MVB and a couple were contacted.
This became the first 10 members. That is how PARK was started.

73, Dick Sander – K5QY

On Thursday night April Five
The Plano Amateur Radio Klub came alive.

Bill Allen was on 40,
And Dick, K5QNY,
Began a friendly QSO
And they both wondered why
We didn’t have a ham club;
Then Dick fired up his patch
And called Bill Newland, ETZ;
The club began to hatch!

Then Saturday, April 7
To Bill Allen’s QTH
Came QNY and ETZ
For a meeting face to face
With Bill Swan, K5MWC;
And Harry Johnson, too;
And Jack, WA5EDK;
and Carole NQQ.

We talked about alot of things
And made alot of plans
To bring about a lively club.
For Plano and area hams.

The next Thursday night we met again
At K5QNY’s.
And there was Gerald, SID,
Ed Lawrence and Bill Niles.

We started to work on the constitution,
amendments, by-laws and elocution;
We worked until we were ready to drop
And the club plan grew;
It didn’t stop.

The next week we went to Harry’s, WA5YCM,
And talked and worked until about 10.

Then back to the Allens the following week;
Everybody was there and eager to speak.

We’ve done our best to make some plans
With goals that benefit every ham.
But there’s nothing more that we can do
Without your help – We’re depending on you.

And now for some things I couldn’t rhyme.
My only excuse is there wasn’t time –

At the April 26 meeting, the group consisting of the total ten organizers unamimously voted to approve the constitution as drawn up and submit/at the first meeting of the Plano Amateur Radio Klub.
W5NCR motioned that the following slate of interim officers be considered at the first meeting: President, Bill Niles, K5MVB; Vice-President, Dick Sander, K5QNY; Treasurer, Bill Swan, K5MWC; Secretary, Carole Allen, W5NCQ; and Activities Manager, Bill Newland, WB5ETZ.

Plano Amateur Radio Klub meets!

50 years of Presidential Leadership.

2021 —     Tim  Johnson  K5TCJ

2017 — 2021    Sean Kelly W5SPK

2013 — 2017    Bruce Dingman N5BYL

2009 — 2013    Kip Moravec AE5IB

2007 — 2009    Charles Taylor K5USS

2005 — 2007    John Beadles N5OOM

2003 — 2005    Barry Goldblatt WA5KXX

1999 — 2003    Bruce Dingman W5SPK

1999    Bill Drake KJ5ZV

1998 — 1999 Martin Reynolds N5LIF/NV5D

1997 — 1998    Charles Cashion W5ISZ

1996 — 1997    Bill Drake KJ5ZV

1995 — 1996    Bill Drake KJ5ZV

1994 — 1995    John Creel N5OON

1993 — 1994    Dick Hoff  AA5NT

1992 — 1993    Craig Young KA5BOU

1991 — 1992    Dick Hoff  AA5NT

1990 — 1991    Debbie Varian KA5HQY

1989 — 1990    Debbie Varian KA5HQY

1988 — 1989    Pat Dougan KI5R

1987 — 1988    Cort Steinhorst WA5BDO

1986 — 1987    Byron Harrison K5AIT

1985 — 1986    Jerrel Jones W5TUU

1984 — 1985    Bob  Bartels K5MVZ

1983 — 1984    Don  Barton KC5AJ

1982 — 1983    Pat Dougan KI5R

1981 — 1982    Gene Ingram WD5FZM / KC5WX

1980 — 1981    John Barber N5JB

1979 — 1980    Gene Ingram WD5FZM/KC5WX

1978 — 1979    Tom Hart WB5OHM

1977 — 1978    Bill Harlow K5RPK

1977                Mike Apsey W5VKC / K4YVM

1976 — 1977    Joe Blair  WB5EWW / N5WB

1975 — 1976    Bill Swan K5MWC

1974 — 1975    David Box WA5BMC / K5MWR

1973 — 1974    Bill Niles K5MVB