We get together for Summer and Winter Field Day operations!

JOIN US as we go for a 24-hour, overnight Field day – our first in 5 years!
Setup is Saturday at 9am. Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast and snacks will be provided. 
There’s good grass around the pavillion to set up antennas so we look forward to having your help with setup and take down, and anyone is welcome to come and operate a session. 

To do overnight we need AT LEAST FIVE people to sign on, for safety and comradery. 

Review the available slots, and CLICK the SIGN UP button next to the item you want. THEN… at the very BOTTOM of the page, click the GREEN “SUBMIT AND SIGN UP” button to complete your entry. You need to do BOTH. Thanks!

  • Plano’s Hoblitzelle Park – Pavillion
  • 7500 Red River Dr, Plano, TX 75025

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