HamCom Booth Volunteer Sign-Up

Hi everyone!

Please consider volunteering to sit at the Plano Amateur Radio Klub’s booth at HamCom for an hour or a half. It will be a great opportunity to meet with other hams from around the area who are attending the convention as well as help promote interest in the club and ham radio in general.

To volunteer, please choose the times you are committing to be at the booth using this online poll: https://doodle.com/poll/qmqatqsnd3gp835f


John – KF5BSS

3 Replies to “HamCom Booth Volunteer Sign-Up”

  1. I think I filled it out for Saturday morning 8-10. However i did not get no confrimation that it was completed or do I know where to be. It be great if I could get this helpful infomation if you expect me to be there to help.

    1. Hello David. This signup process is new to most if not all of us so I guess we’ll all have to figure it out as we move forward. To my limited knowledge of how this method works, there is no automatic confirmation given. You post the times you are willing to volunteer and its taken as fact in the overall planning. The goal is to have constant table coverage, thus the up front push for volunteers, but once the bulk of times are covered, past experience shows that enough members will usually be in the general area to fill in any blank spots or cover for the unexpected things that sometimes pop up. At least that is always the hope.
      If you need directions to the event (its just down the road from where we hold meetings), please google ‘Ham-Com 2018’ and on its home page click ‘Maps’ in the header. Click ‘Main Hallway’ and look for tables 919 & 921 at the corner. I hope this covered your question and concerns, but remember that the primary instruction for all members is to just show up and have fun at Ham-Com. Brian.

  2. Having problem contacting members due to missing phone numbers. If possible, please amend your entry to include it. Thank you. Brian / KF5VFM / 214 288 3918.

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