Blacklands Triathlon

It is time for the Blacklands Triathlon again this year. Oak Point Recreation Center is open after extensive remodeling and will be the center of activity again this year. They have changed the bike course this year. It no longer crosses Parker to Park. Instead it turns on Parker and follows Parker to Jupiter. It shortens the Adult Bike course, so the do the loop 3 times rather than 2 times on the longer course. It allows us to miss the neighborhoods where we were having problems with cars hitting bikes as they come out of the neighborhood not looking for bicycles. All right hand turns will make it easier to control.

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There are 3 age categories and the courses are a little different for the 2 kids races, and a lot different for the adult race. Usually they have about 500 people in the event.

This is the 10th year and the 10th year PARK has supported it with our communications.

Most of the positions are shadows. Which means you hook up with one of their staff and keep them up to date on what is happening.

There is a new policeman in charge of special events like this for the city of Plano. And we will need someone to ride with him.

They also have a new cone company. And we need to have someone riding with them.

If you can bicycle I would like a tail-end Charlie for both the kids and the adults.It means following the last biker around the course, and follow the last person on the run.

We also usually have a net control and I will need a net control person. If you are new to being on a event with a net control, this is a good event to get used to a participating in a controlled net. We use controlled nets for most events like Plano Balloon Festival, Dallas Marathon, Skywarn, and emergencies. This is a pretty laid-back event compared to the others.

I would like at least 15 people to work the event. You will need a HT and some kind of headset so you can hear the radio if it is loud around you. If you only have a radio in your vehicle, let me know and we will station you on the bike course.

In addition to the 15, if anyone is interested, we thought of setting up a HF radio and doing some public relations, with a HF radio and the banner and PR materials.

We need to meet at Net Control at 6:15. At 6:30 you need to locate your person, and get to your places. Usually the first kids race starts at 7:00 a.m. The kids courses are first. There is a shorter kids course for younger kids, and a longer course for older kids. The adult courses are much longer. A triathlon is a Swim, then a bike ride, and finally a run. We are usually done before noon. And they have beer and food (hamburgers or chicken sandwiches usually) at the end.